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Soft Doubling in Blackjack

All Blackjack hands can be classified as either hard or soft depending on whether they include an ace or not. Any hand with at least one ace and for which turning another card would be impossible to go bust is referred to as a soft hand.

One of the most misplayed and misunderstood hands in Blackjack is the soft double. Many experienced players know it is a good idea to double after being dealt a 10 or 11 but would struggle to play a soft 13 – 18 accordingly.

Of course the decision to double depends on the strength of the dealers face up card, below is a list of scenarios and when you should double on a soft hand according to basic strategy wherever possible:

Dealers Face CardPlayers Hand (soft)Decision
317 - 18Double
415 - 18Double
513 - 18Double
613 - 18Double
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