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Getting Started with Online Slots

Online slots are increasingly popular with casino players thanks to their ease of use, fun graphics, small stakes and not forgetting life changing jackpots!


Whilst they are generally easy to play and get started with there are a few thing you should know before starting off, this article aims to get you up to speed with online slots for the first time.

Jackpots vs Non-Jackpots

There are two main categories when it comes to online slots, these are progressive jackpot and non-jackpot slots. The main difference between the two is how the jackpots work with most other in-game features exactly the same.

Progressive Jackpots:

Progressive slots have jackpots which continue to grow based on how much the slot is played. This jackpot could be for a single casino or sometimes accumulated across a network of many casinos all sharing the same jackpot.

If you are looking for a big, life changing win then progressive jackpot slots are the place to go with six or even seven figure payouts the norm!

The main downsides to playing progressives are the minimum stake sizes can slightly higher and the range of available games is often limited in comparison.

Non-Jackpot Slots:

Non-jackpot slots will usually still have a “jackpot” however this will be a fixed amount and will never change regardless of how many people play or how many times it is won. The jackpot on a non-progressive slot is usually a fixed multiple of the stake size e.g. 10,000x.

How Online Slots Work

It is important to understand there is no element of skill involved in playing slots, to begin playing simply select your stake size and press the spin button, it’s as easy as that!

Stake Size:

When you open up a slot be sure to check what the stake size is, this is usually shown in the bottom left corner. Lots of machines will default to £2 per spin so be sure to lower this if you are just starting out, the minimum is usually between 20 and 30 pence.

Win Lines:

In the early days of fruit machines a win was basically getting 3x matching symbols in a horizontal row in the centre of the screen, this would have been a single win line. Fast forward to 2018 and it’s not uncommon to see slots with 25+ win lines covering every position on every reel! Of course this is all factored into the game payouts but this approach does mean lots of smaller wins which adds to the excitement of playing.


As you begin playing you will undoubtedly see “wild” symbols from time to time, these symbols can become any other symbol if said symbol is needed for a win. For example if you have two adjacent oranges and then a wild symbol the wild will become an orange and the machine will pay out for 3x oranges.


If you are lucky enough you will see a bonus round during your play, these bonus rounds are where the big money is usually won. In order to get a bonus round most slots require you to get 3x bonus symbols in view anywhere on the reels.

Once you have won a bonus round the machine will usually show an animation and take over your play by automatically playing out the bonus for you (you might be asked to press start but it is usually automatic after this).

Other Bonuses:

Some slots have other bonus features which kick in during normal play, for example you may randomly see the machine throw in some extra wilds during your spin or once you spin is complete the machine will nudge the reels to reveal an unexpected win.

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